EASILY create articles with images in Joomla

December 2017

The original problem is how to speed up article creation. Having tried the Google Docs Viewer (which did not integrate nicely into our blog site) I kept on searching. We needed an editor that allowed us to copy and paste images so we could add screen captures and other images easily.


First we have had a look at https://extensions.joomla.org/extension/drag-drop-image-uploader/ .  It is a commercial plugin (15$).

Then we have spotted GridBox, which has a free version:

See https://extensions.joomla.org/index.php?option=com_jed&view=extension&layout=default&id=11097#reviews

In order to install it, follow https://www.balbooa.com/gridbox-documentation/installation, bearing in mind the fact that

Gridbox template should be selected as a default Joomla template!

Downloaded pkg_Gridbox_2.2.4.zip and went to Extensions/Upload file, to install it.

Then went to Components/GridBox

Install the languages you will use in your Website via Help/Languages

After Installation, Log Out from the Joomla! admin panel and Log In with your language


Creating your first Gridbox page

If we go to Component/Gridbox, and click on the Page icon, it will create a new page. We can link it to a menu in the Gridbox editor for that page, in the “Page” settings.


Now we need to find out how to make it multilingual. See our next article Create a multilingual website using GridBox.


How to add a link in the page menu

Change the menu for example, in the Spanish Home Page. Start by selecting the Spanish Home Page:


Then locate the top menu and when the green cog turns up, hoover the mouse over it and select the pencil icon to edit the menu:



Click on the clip icon and then choose the Main Menu (es-ES):


Now we see three links, that match the three menu items in the joomla Menus section for the es-ES language:


To hide the ones that we don't want, unpublish those items in the es-ES menu items:


Now we only see the menu item we have left published:


We will also delete them from the gridbox menu link: